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Singapore’s Finest All-Natural Health Supplements

We know how hard it can be the live the lifestyle you want to lead while also ensuring that you’re in the best condition possible. nCapsulate’s range of dietary supplements are here to help you achieve optimum health.

Our modern, fast-paced lifestyle can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to looking after our own health. Long work hours, packed social calendars and a lack of access to organic, nutritious food can result in a lifestyle that’s overall very hard on the body, depriving it of the much needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients that ensure proper and healthy function.

Why should I use dietary supplements?

Changes in diet and lifestyle mean that the need for a little bit of supplementation has never been greater. Our fast food lifestyle means that even when we’re not eating things that we traditionally think of as unhealthy such as burgers and hawker meals, we’re potentially taking in fewer nutrients and more fat and sugar than we think.

The high-pressure, jam-packed lives many people in Singapore lead mean that there often simply isn’t time to prepare the healthy, home-cooked meals that would meet all of our bodies’ needs. It’s what you don’t eat, rather than what you do, that is doing you the most harm – we’re not campaigning against a char kway teow for dinner or some potato chips at the movies; however, the things that we eat are increasingly failing to address our health needs. Our dietary supplements can help counter this, supporting your body in numerous important ways.

A range of organic health supplements helping to improve lives across Singapore

The modern lifestyle requires more nutrients of a higher quality, and at nCapsulate we aim to help Singaporeans take the stress out of meeting these demands. From supporting the prostate health of men of all ages to helping everyone increase their overall energy and activity levels with our multivitamins and other health supplements, we have made it their mission to obtain the safe and effective natural health supplements of the highest quality for our customers and to offer them at the most competitive prices.

We believe it’s essential that everyone, regardless of age and circumstances, augment their lifestyle with the right kind of dietary supplements. Order online today from our specially selected range or get in touch with our team via email at or over the phone on +65 9695 5826.

*This represents the lowest price sighted at physical or online retail stores in Singapore.