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The Need for Supplementation

Some people question whether it is necessary or useful to supplement a balanced diet with health supplements. It is, and here's why.

Our environments and lifestyles have changed drastically and more quickly than ever over the past century. Modern day society is faced with far more stress than prior generations, and we're sure many would agree that Singapore is a prime contender for top spot. Environmental pollution is increasing and toxins are entering our air and water on a daily basis. We don’t slow down, chew our food and eat in a manner to allow our bodies to digest and reenergise at optimum levels. To cope with and combat these aggressions, our bodies need vitamins, minerals and other nutrients more than our ancestors ever did.

Worsening Nutritional Content

To complicate matters, our food today is far less healthy than the food grown for prior generations. While no amount of supplementation can and should take the place of a healthy diet, our food no longer contains the same amount of nutritional value as it did years ago, and indeed, far less. 

There are several reasons for the decline in nutritional value of our food.

A big contributor to this is our own chosen "fast food" lifestyle and we don't just mean burger joints and hawker centres - we are, either deliberately or subconsciously, consuming foods high in unhealthy fats and sugars for our convenience and enjoyment, in place of fresh organically grown food. On top of this, we are not taking the time (and many would say they just don't have the time) to chew slowly and allow our salivary enzymes to begin the important digestive process, which places deficiencies and stresses on our bodies which are potentially deadly in the long run. We are not suggesting that one cannot enjoy the occasional lard-filled char kway teow, deep fried chicken or potato chips, as we strongly believe that it's what you don’t eat and not what you eat, that is going to kill you. But therein lies the problem.

As commercial farming continues to spread across the globe, there are major side effects on our food. First, the soil has been depleted of its minerals due to lack of crop rotation. Second, food is no longer from your local farm or garden and is shipped much further now than it was in the past. While in transit, vitamins and other nutrients are naturally depleted from the food. Third, genetic modification depletes the nutritional value of the food. Foods grown for quantity or to be visually appealing in the grocery store contain far fewer vitamins and minerals than foods of the past. Fourth, the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers introduces toxins into our food and further degrade the nutritional quality of our food. Many people eschew the idea that organic food is necessary or beneficial - perhaps the high costs and low availability of organic foods in Singapore are prompting us towards this illusion, but make no mistake, organic food was the norm until approximately half a century ago. Any wonder why heart, circulatory and inflammatory diseases, malignant tumours, colon cancers and other forms of deadly illnesses have been rapidly on the rise since we adopted such practices with increasing prevalence? This correlation is no mere coincidence.

Quality Natural Health Supplements from a Trusted Source

As you can see, while our lifestyles require additional and higher quality nutrients, our food is supplying fewer of them. It is therefore essential that we supplement our diets with the right sort of health supplements. Our company firmly believes in as natural an approach as possible when it comes to health supplements. We invite you to browse and purchase our carefully selected range of high quality natural health supplements.

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