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Our Need for Vitamins

It is common knowledge that our body needs a range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as fuel for optimum health. While a healthy and varied diet should provide our bodies with most of the nutrients we need, this can be tricky to achieve in today’s society where quality and variety in our food intake are often compromised.

Why Supplement with Multivitamins

Especially in Singapore, we are faced with increasingly challenging demands whether at home, school or work, and it is usually easier and quicker to grab a fast food or hawker centre takeaway, or rely on instant and microwave dinners, which are often full of empty calories.

Even if a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables is followed, there is growing evidence that much of the produce consumed today is significantly lower in beneficial nutrients than it was historically. You need closer to seven apples to keep the doctor away these days, and this number is only going to grow if there is no let up in unhealthy commercial farming methods. Researchers from Washington State University who analysed wheat cultivars between 1842 and 2003 found that they contained 10 to 50 per cent less essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, copper, zinc and selenium than in the past. Industrial farming methods that focus on yield instead of quality, the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides and less than ideal storage and transport conditions are suspected to have contributed to this phenomenon.

Given the likelihood of people not getting the optimum amount and quality of vitamins and minerals from our diet, we are strongly of the view that the vast majority of us would benefit from taking health supplements to plug these nutritional gaps.

Quality Natural Multivitamins from a Trusted Source

Taking a daily natural multivitamin supplement is the smart and responsible first step to maintaining and boosting our general health. Supplying your body with essential nutrients helps to prevent damage to cells, support cell regeneration and build up our natural immunity to safeguard against illnesses. Taking a multivitamin supplements daily also helps to address nutrient deficiencies that contribute to chronic health conditions.

Think of multivitamin supplements like a value-for-money insurance policy for your body, one that is relatively low in cost and substantial in benefits and that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. On this page, you can browse our selection of safe and high quality natural multivitamin supplements for adults and children to help meet your family's and your nutritional needs.